Screen Recording

If you wish to review the actions of an operator during a historic call, you have the option to enable desktop screen recording for some or all of the calls they are involved with. As a paid feature, this will incur a charge, including a licence fee for each operator affected.

Depending on how this feature is set up for a particular customer, it can record outbound calls on a per-operator basis, and inbound calls on a per-service basis. You also have the option of letting operator-level settings override service-level settings for inbound calls.

Screen recording begins at the start of a call's ringing phase, and ends immediately after its wrap phase. Because all screens in use by the operator will be recorded, the size of the resulting video is affected by the number of screens they have, and the size and resolution of those screens.

Screen recording will capture everything on the operator's screens. It is therefore the customer's responsibility to ensure appropriate data security of the resulting media, including redaction of sensitive information.

The resulting recordings can be accessed via the Screen Recording section of the Call Logs page. By default, screen recordings are stored for 30 days, but this can be adjusted under the Customer Settings tab.